Bella Vista

Bologna, the “Due Torri” (the two towers),
San Petronio and San Luca (the churches),
Colli Bolognesi. Pianura Padana (the hills and plains),
Up to the Alps – “can you see the snow over there?”

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Our soil is of a medium texture, practically clay-loam, with components from ancient floods and Appennine rock erosion.
A well balanced mixture of sand, clay, marl, sandstone, with limestone veins and gravels, a mix that adds more complexity and elegance to wines.


There are 11 hilly hectares, the vineyards go around the estate centre at 270 degrees, facing south west, west, and north west; they were planted around 1988-1992, and in 2000, 2008 and 2015-16; around 3000 to 4500 vines per hectare.
The oldest “Pignoletto” vineyard is grown with the evergreen ‘doppio capovolto’ system.


The winery lies right at the top of the “Bella Vista” hill, rising above the wine estate. Almost 800 square meters, most underground, the winery is located on the lower level of an old rural complex (dated back to the beginning of the twentieth century) which has been renovated maintaining its original size. This way, there’s hardly any bad visual impact on the landscape. The building has been kept in order to have the most suitable location for the production processes and wine storing. The winery is presently sized to work the home grape production using state of the art machinery and casks, which give the best grapes and wine management, such as temperature control during fermentation.
In the older part of the building, which has kept its original “cotto” floors and red brick walls, are the “barriques” (barrels) for the red wine reserves. In these cozy premises we hold wine tasting and have stored a few old “tonneaux” (not in use) and a couple of old relics of the existing original small farm winery.
The Manaresi wine estate is not only a “winery”, though. Our wine estate is not only the place where we produce wine, but the place where we like to share our lifestyle with you. Consider our estate an open house where you can meet, taste wines, chat, and learn. You are welcome any time of the year and of the day, but if you give us a ring, it would be lovely. Around the winery, you will find a nice, green countryside, an old park with century old trees, fruit orchards, beautifully kept lawns, panoramic view points with chairs … You are simply welcome to enjoy the astonishing view, or bring your own book where you can sit and read in peace, nobody will say – “hey, time’s up!”
The winery can host events and art performances, both outside and inside the ancient or modern winery, we love the strong connections art-wine-landscape.
We have set up a tasting and retail area, where you can taste and, we hope, purchase our wines, after visiting. Tours are personally led by Fabio and Donatella, the winegrowers, in English.

Some thoughts of our own

Agriculture Walk the land, think, study, look, work, feel, smell, taste, do!
To make wine is farming, farming is nature. To make wine is definitely nature.
Transparency Look… down here, below the winery, that’s our vineyard, that’s where it all comes from.
From above Just like climbing a mountain, analysis, organization, strategy, patience, concentration, decision, coordination, skill, technique, resistance, respect, to be able to stop and go back.
Balance Dogmas, common places, clichés, and fashion – no, that’s not us.
Balance is our word, in the vineyards, in the winery.

κατά μέτρον

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